NHS urged to listen new guidance

NHS urged to listen new guidance

Last week, our friends at The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society re-issued guidance into prescribing medical cannabis, in the hope to encourage the NHS and UK Government to review legislation and current NICE guidelines.

Although medical cannabis can currently be prescribed by specialist doctors, there are still not enough patients receiving access to the treatment – potentially due to a lack of understanding from GPs throughout the UK.

What do the new guidelines say?

The updated version of the Recommendations and Guidance on Medical Cannabis under Prescription, sets out the facts about medical cannabis treatments including the history, evidence and prescribing information.

The MCCS states: “Medical cannabis is being unfairly denied to patients in the NHS because the regulators do not understand the treatment.

“We believe that people in the UK are being left to suffer because NICE, the Department for Health and Social Care and the NHS have failed to so far provide doctors with fair and balanced guidelines when it comes to prescribing medical cannabis.”

Working in partnership

At The Primary Care Cannabis Network, we are proud to work in close collaboration with The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, who share our vision; to educate healthcare professionals; to advance scientific research and to improve patient access to suitable cannabis-based medical products.

The MCCS is an independent community of Medical Cannabis pioneers. An expert-led, non-for-profit community, dedicated to bringing this safe, legal and effective medicine to people living with chronic conditions.

Dr Leon Barron, of The Primary Care Cannabis Network says: “It is crucial that as GPs we work in close collaboration with our specialist colleagues to understand how various medical cannabis treatments can be utilised in clinical practice to improve the quality of life of our patients.

It is vitally important that alternative, balanced guidelines exist for doctors. NICE have clearly assessed medical cannabis treatments through the eyes of cost effectiveness and the NHS have failed to recognise there is a wider data set that exists in the scientific literature.”

Looking forward to the future

As patient understanding surrounding medical cannabis continues to grow, we hope GPs throughout the UK seek to expand their own knowledge, to ensure patients have the chance to access cannabis-based medicines where necessary.

At The Primary Care Cannabis Network, we are reaching out to, and are working with other organisations and societies, so we can educate and advance scientific research.

The aim is to expand the knowledge of cannabis-based medical treatments and focus on academic research, education, key-papers and open discussions.

We focus specifically on the needs of GPs and are creating a community that will enable GPs to confidently work together and speak with specialists to understand the various regulatory pathways that exist within the UK.

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