Hannah Deacon

Hannah’s son Alfie began having seizures at just eight-months old, which progressively became worse as he grew. After being diagnosed with PCDH19, Hannah began to research treatments which would provide some relief. Following research into alternative treatments for epilepsy, Hannah – along with her family – took Alfie to Holland in 2017, to be treated by a Paediatric Neurologist with medical cannabis as a last-ditch attempt to save his life. The medicine worked, but, unfortunately finances began to run short and there was no way of knowing how to continue the treatment in the UK. 

Returning to the UK and working in partnership with End Our Pain – a movement campaigning for better access to medical cannabis – Alfie’s doctor, Professor Mike Barnes, issued the first ever personal prescription for medical cannabis. Soon after this, the law was changed to enable medical cannabis to be prescribed on the NHS by specialist clinicians. 


Hannah continues to campaign for better access to medical cannabis for all patients. The Executive Director of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and Patient Adviser to The Medical Cannabis Clinic, Hannah also runs a Maple Tree Consultancy with Professor Mike Barnes to help ensure access to medical cannabis is available to all.